House at Pooh Corner

House at Pooh Corner
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Who's Roo?

Daughter, only. And proud to wave a Eurasian flag
Wife, pretty much certain maintaining my 'Only' status there too.
Mum, fairly recent.

If you are the sort of person that says "I speak my mind" or "I speak as I find", we won't be friends.

It may be the case but, announcing it simply means you are arrogant enough to think your opinion MUST be heard & you don't care about other people's feelings.

Neither of those things are cool in my world.

We began in HongKong, my Eurasian Self & The Welsh Trousers.

Then, there were the London Years.  Followed by this Dubai thing, punctuated by our sojourn in Nepal (see

And, if you feel you need more in the way of visuals or to know who else is in the gang, see (see May 2013)

Where Do You Live, Roo?
About to commence my 10th year of living in Dubai, which makes it almost as long as I lived in the UK.

Home of my heart will always be HongKong though.

What else should we know?
There is a heavy bias towards animals in The Corner - professionally (He - veterinary, Me - formerly with a leading UK rescue animal charity) & just as a lifestyle choice.

Books. They are important to me.

Also, chips, crisps, fries. But not Pringles (an aberration that blights all our worlds).

Things that will turn me into Unreasonable Woman

And incidentally, The Right Way To Beat Your Child still haunts me.

To find out more about things close to this Roo's heart, see

And you are ................?


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