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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Book Bore, needs the Zing. And Wifi

I like to think of myself as a groovy Tree-Hugger.

Leave the trees, say I.

The Lungs of Our  Big Blue Marble.

In July, I waxed a little bit lyrical on my love of Trees ( see Hug A What Now?).

So, "Yes!", I roar, "Leave the Trees alone!!!!"


Unless, it is to make books ............ in which case ....... CHOP 'EM DOWN! CHOP 'EM ALL DOWN!!!!!
(not really)

And so you see my dilemma.
I love paper.

I love my newsPAPERS papery.

I love stationary shops. (This is worthy of a post of its own)

But most of all - most, of all, I love my books real.

I do have a Kindle.
And Kindle and I have a respectful relationship.

We can see each other's worth.  I respect the Kindle hugely.  Kindle has a place.

Kindle, for me, is that person you KNOW would be a really good choice as a girl/boyfriend.

This is the RIGHT way
That person that ticks all the right boxes.

Oh, you know, things like:
a job,
mostly able to leave house in matching socks*,
holds knife and fork properly**,
likes animals.....
those sorts of things .............. annnnnnnnnd yettttttttttt................. something is not quite right.

* mind you, this has never been a deal-breaker
** this HAS

No *ZING!*

Gotta have the Zing or this thing is going nowhere.

Buying a book.  Selecting a book.
It's finding a new friend.
Opening a door to a new place, to new people, to new adventures or experiences.

The best thing ever.

The physical manifestation of a book is a joy that makes my heart sing.  Words. On Paper

(Too much?  I did think it was bit much but I have left it in anyway)

You don't get that with a Kindle, do you?

I enjoy the ritual of buying a book.

Personally, to maximise the thrill, I need all the senses to the 'zinged'.

The Feel of the book - the paper needs to be right. The Cover too. (btw, 'right' is subjective & indefinable.  I know when it is & I know, when it isn't) 
The Smell of the book - ain't nothing like it.
The Sound of the book - that creak of the spine as you open it. The crispness of the edges of untouched pages
The Look of the book - the font needs to be right (not too big, please, I am not 7).

You don't get that with a Kindle, do you?

The quality of production is important too.

This thing is going to be with me, for the duration, either:

by the bath,
on the dining table,
on the sofa or by the bed,
in my bag,
by the pool

I need the pages to stay where they are.  Pages falling out of a book are socks sliding down the back of your shoe, a scratchy label on your neck.  Irritating & distracting.

In Praise of The Kindle
There are two things for which I do respect Kindle.
Two reasons why I will never end it completely with Kindle.
Two reasons why, I suppose, one could say I continue to string Kindle along.

Kindle allows me the chance to have a book (several in fact) with me at all times, regardless of size and, when I hear of a book that I NEEEEEEEEED now, I can scratch that itch almost instantly.
Assuming the Wifi is working.

Monday, 6 January 2014

I see Rude People.

Not much gets my goat more than people being rude to other (also, btw) PEOPLE, who work in shops, restaurants or other forms of the service industry.

You people makes me cringe.  You make my soul cringe.

And, just FYI, it is a deal-breaker as far as any kind of friendship might go.

If you are the sort of person who:

*  snaps superiorly, completely unnecessarily & disproportionately, at someone trying to help you or respond to your request,

*  speaks condescendingly or mockingly,
*  do either or both of the above, in a loud voice just because you have or, would like to ensure, an audience

then ... we are done.

( frankly, I am disappointed you broke through my usually very reliable screening process.  I will be reviewing my Insufferable Idiot FireWall)

Dear Rude Person,
I would ask that you consider whether you would speak to that same person in the same way, in your home country, if they were the same nationality / race as you.


No, I thought not.

You embarrass me.
I am embarrassed for you.
Because you are a Class A arse-hole.

There is no excuse for that kind of behaviour.  None.

Sometimes, VERY occasionally, frustration can take you places you, later, feel disappointed you had to go. However, you can always remain respectful and dignified.

Nothing wrong with complaining, if you are not satisfied but, sweetheart, you don't have to go nuclear, you don't have to be rude and you don't need an audience.

At the other end of the scale, I have seen people 'complain' with such class and dignity & ultimately, far more successfully than any of you squawking Jumped-up FishWives or brash puffed-up chests 'Big' Men,

And, you know what makes this already shameful scenario even more unforgivable?

Carrying out your ridiculous carry on in front of your children.

Way to parent.

Hang your head in shame.

And show a bit of class, would you?

The next day:

Spotted and sent to me by a (NICE) friend.



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