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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Book Bore, needs the Zing. And Wifi

I like to think of myself as a groovy Tree-Hugger.

Leave the trees, say I.

The Lungs of Our  Big Blue Marble.

In July, I waxed a little bit lyrical on my love of Trees ( see Hug A What Now?).

So, "Yes!", I roar, "Leave the Trees alone!!!!"


Unless, it is to make books ............ in which case ....... CHOP 'EM DOWN! CHOP 'EM ALL DOWN!!!!!
(not really)

And so you see my dilemma.
I love paper.

I love my newsPAPERS papery.

I love stationary shops. (This is worthy of a post of its own)

But most of all - most, of all, I love my books real.

I do have a Kindle.
And Kindle and I have a respectful relationship.

We can see each other's worth.  I respect the Kindle hugely.  Kindle has a place.

Kindle, for me, is that person you KNOW would be a really good choice as a girl/boyfriend.

This is the RIGHT way
That person that ticks all the right boxes.

Oh, you know, things like:
a job,
mostly able to leave house in matching socks*,
holds knife and fork properly**,
likes animals.....
those sorts of things .............. annnnnnnnnd yettttttttttt................. something is not quite right.

* mind you, this has never been a deal-breaker
** this HAS

No *ZING!*

Gotta have the Zing or this thing is going nowhere.

Buying a book.  Selecting a book.
It's finding a new friend.
Opening a door to a new place, to new people, to new adventures or experiences.

The best thing ever.

The physical manifestation of a book is a joy that makes my heart sing.  Words. On Paper

(Too much?  I did think it was bit much but I have left it in anyway)

You don't get that with a Kindle, do you?

I enjoy the ritual of buying a book.

Personally, to maximise the thrill, I need all the senses to the 'zinged'.

The Feel of the book - the paper needs to be right. The Cover too. (btw, 'right' is subjective & indefinable.  I know when it is & I know, when it isn't) 
The Smell of the book - ain't nothing like it.
The Sound of the book - that creak of the spine as you open it. The crispness of the edges of untouched pages
The Look of the book - the font needs to be right (not too big, please, I am not 7).

You don't get that with a Kindle, do you?

The quality of production is important too.

This thing is going to be with me, for the duration, either:

by the bath,
on the dining table,
on the sofa or by the bed,
in my bag,
by the pool

I need the pages to stay where they are.  Pages falling out of a book are socks sliding down the back of your shoe, a scratchy label on your neck.  Irritating & distracting.

In Praise of The Kindle
There are two things for which I do respect Kindle.
Two reasons why I will never end it completely with Kindle.
Two reasons why, I suppose, one could say I continue to string Kindle along.

Kindle allows me the chance to have a book (several in fact) with me at all times, regardless of size and, when I hear of a book that I NEEEEEEEEED now, I can scratch that itch almost instantly.
Assuming the Wifi is working.

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  1. I agree 100% with EVERYTHING in this post! A Kindle has its place (I call it the I want an Oompa Loompa Now Impulse), but there is nothing that makes the heart sing like a real book!



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