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Monday, 17 February 2014

The Neknomination Equation

The Neknomination Equation is a convenient & oh, so simple, Societal, shall we say, 'Sorter'.

I am confident that the Results show significant statistical accuracy.

Doing a Neknomination = 
"ooooooo, look how crazy & dangerous I am" = Embarrassing Loser.

There's more.

If you are:

< 25 years old - *pssssssssssssst*
                          Sweetie, you look ridiculous.
                          No, really, Honey, you ARE being ridiculous.
                          All you are doing is showcasing Your Ridiculous

> 25 years old - *rolls eyes*
                          Have a word with yourself, would you?
                          Surely by now you have grown out the "look at me, everyone! I drink booze.
                          I must be sooooooooooo cool" part of your life.
                          Shame.  Most of us were done with that by about 18*

*adjust to 22 yrs old if you are a male of the species

Fact - There is a positive correlation between how loudly a Person declares how c-razy & 'fun' they are, with their embarrassing need to compensate for something.
(Note: we can all see it, y'know)

or, to simplify:

As (A) is to "Hey look at me, aren't I crazy?!"

so (B) is to  "It's all a bit pathetic, isn't it?"

Just to finish:

Hey, Pretty Girl, taking your clothes off in a supermarket to 'neck' a can of whatever.  It is pointless.  All we can see your bum AND your Stoopid.

Hey, Assorted People, 'necking' pints of repugnant alcoholic abominations, in quantities that very actually might kill you & then, doing a 'stunt' that might also do the same - is it worth it?
Would your Mummy be proud of you?

I don't really want to talk about this much more.
The subject matter is in danger of infecting me with its pointless vapidity.

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