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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hail to The Crushies

Wow. Candy Crush Saga.

You may be losing me friends. And, sleep.

Just when does "I'll just have a quick game now, whilst I .........":

"wait for the commercials to be over"
"sit on the loo" (not ME, obviously, but I have heard people do this)
"just before I turn the light out"
"finish this cup of tea/coffee"

.... become a fully fledged (feathers, beaks n'all) addiction/illness?

I resisted joining Tribe CCS (I'm going to call us "Crushies").  I resisted and I resisted.

I'm still not sure how it happened.

You don't, y'see, it just kind of creeps up on you.

God, it was so irritating.  The constant updates, littering my Facebook timeline, of the progress of my seemingly bright, intelligent friends (boys AND girls) through Lemonade Lake and Muffin Land (or something) or their acquisition of a Coconut Wheel.

Sweet baby Jesus, I don't give a rat's @*@* who has Unlocked a Lollypop Hammer or has Completed Level 75!!!!!!!!!*

*I SO do now. Cos that is where I am stuck
Stuck at Level 75.
mind, this is nothing compared
to the bastard that was
Level 70

What on earth is the matter with these people, thought I.  These people I know, for a fact, have interesting lives.

They HAVE people who love them.

Fulfillment, intelligence & wit fill these people, for if they did not, they would be no friends of MINE.

If you have dabbled with The Crush and decided it wasn't for you, then, I salute you.

I confess I am now, hook, line & sinker, a Crushie.  And I love my fellow Crushies.


It is a caring sharing kind of world, the world of The Crush.

Facebook notifies us as to when one of us needs help and we spring to their aid.

Oh & the chats we have.  There have been difficult conversations & stern SMS's.
"Why won't you send me a Life?" (oh, the irony is not lost on me).
"Please, can you send me a Life?"
"Help! I can't enter the new land.  I am stuck. Send a Life"

NB I'm not being a weenie about this, you can't send Lives/tickets etc until you have proper www connection

Just this weekend, I floated about in a beautiful pool, with a good friend.  The sun shone, the birds tweeted, we had not seen each other over the Summer for nearly 2 months.  We had much to catch up on...........

"Have you got passed Level 70?"
"how DO you make a Stripy?"
"If you mix a Stripy and a Packet WHAT happens?? I had no idea! Amazing."
"God I hate that chocolate.  It comes so fast. How do I stop the chocolate?"

(these are all actual quotes from our joyful reunion, floating in the pool, within earshot of Real People).

Mere hours ago, sitting on the grass in the dark with some of my favourite horsey-friends, post-ride, horse quietly cropping the grass by our side ....... "Did YOU know about the stripes on a Stripy?"

If you HAVE avoided Candy Crush Saga up to this point, good for you.  Save yourselves.  Stay superior. Stay away.

If you have failed & are one of Us,  I am very pleased to meet you.

And, look forward to you sending me A Life.


  1. i have sent you many lives and will continue to do so ... and yes i long for the packet and stripey moments ... xx

  2. I'm too afraid at the notion of a candy addiction....seriously.... That fear is enough to override my curiosity. :-s



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