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Monday, 12 May 2014

Witches, Slow Cookers and The Wardrobe

I stepped through the back of the Wardrobe today.

And what did I find behind the coats?

A World with no snow, no Mr Tumnus. In fact, hardly any Fauns at all.
Instead, I found Cooking, and that cooking is the Slow kind.

Something else was uncovered ..........

All sorts of people I know, people I thought I knew well, are SlowCooker-philes.
They never told me.  They never 'shared'.

However, I have flushed them out now.  They Outed themselves.

Here's how.

Post a photo of your new SlowCooker on Facebook and, out of the woodwork they come:
"Oh, I have had one for years.",
"I love mine",
"The marvels I can rustle up with my Slow Cooker, would blow your mind, girl."*

*I may have made that one up.

I have known some of you lot for YEARS & never, NEVER did you share your Secret.

You should have trusted me.

But, seriously, as One of Them said "Slow Cookers are the new black."

They are cool.

.............. They ARE!

Previously the domain of the Thrifty (multiple cat-owning) Old Lady, the SlowCooker has now been claimed by:
1) the Busy,
2) the Active,
3) the Organised,
4) the 'Know What? I got better things to do than slave over a hot stove but, I still care about the quality of my family's food, so I will go with This and run 50k, maybe hold down a responsible job or do some Art whilst It does It's thing on my behalf' kind of person.

Or could it be that I have, through the cruel passage of Time, become a TOL?!

Time, you are a bitch.  I'm going to go for #4.
Because I only have 1 cat.

I have only been a SlowCooker owner for *checks watch* 4 hours now, but the 1st batch of Apple & Pear Compote has already done 3 of its 8 hours.

As well as flushing out Fellow Fans of Minimum Effort Cooking, I have discovered one more thing.

Contrary to all the superior advice I give The Boy, seems it is I that has Patience issues.

40 mins into the 8 hours I was already shouting "Come on COOK, already!"

*tick tock*
*tick tock*
*drumming fingers*

Truly .....

.... 'A Watched SlowCooker, NEVER flippin' cooks.'

Rock n' Roll has, officially, left the building.

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