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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I Floozy. You Floozy?

Show Yourself, Floozy!


I like it.
Doesn't it sound posh?
It makes those of us living with this affliction feel a bit less judged.
It is an enabling word.  Such a pretty elegant looking word.  All those tall willowy 'b's and 'l's.

We aren't Hoarders.
Dilettante? How very dare you.
No. We are Bibliophiles, doncha know.

We are BIBILOPHILES!!! damn you! Show some respect.

In honesty............... I would have just called myself, a Book Floozy.

I'd like to meet others. Other Book Floozies.

"This Floozy seeks other Floozies"

But it isn't easy, for we are a secretive bunch.  We prefer to keep our Flooziness on the down-low.

What there are plenty of are the Other Ones.  The Bibiliogamous. (don't bother, I made it up)

They remain faithful to their book. They just read a book.  One book, at a time.
Just one book by the bed.
Finish it.  To the last page.
Then, move on.

Yeah, I'd say Book Floozy is a fair description of my habit.

Y'see, I like to have several on the go. Have done for years.
I don't like to pin myself down to just one book.
There are so many out there.
Fun books. Funny books. Clever books.
Just depends on my mood.

Now THIS is more like it!!

Who wants to commit solely to a "Light-hearted romp" or something with "poignant insight" when the current mood calls for a Gothic Epic?

SOMETIMES, I love a book so much I cannot bear it to end,
So I don't.
I don't finish it.
That way I stop it from being over.  I can keep it alive.

This One's Father, from whom I got the Biblio-gene, suggested something actually took my breath away (in shock) - he said (brace yourselves) "Read the end first."

whhh..........aaaaaaaaat?!?! I had to hold on to something, the walls felt like they were closing in.

But, he is not alone, someone else I know does this.  He reads the end first to find out whether it is going to be worth him spending the time to read the whole thing.


And, in case you were wondering, I am currently dabbling/juggling with:

I floozy.

You floozy?


  1. I'm a BIG floozy. I always have at least 6 to 10 in my rotation at all times.

    Also, I think there has to be something mentally wrong with people who read the end of books first.

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