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Monday, 27 May 2013

If you hate a book, do you ......?

... a) keep going? Refuse to give up? After all, perhaps it will reveal itself as you travel through it. Yeah. Perhaps.


... b) ditch it.  Move on. So many books out there, not going to waste my time. 


Don't you 'must-read' me

For me, a 'must-read' is an 'almost guaranteed never to'.

* 'Marley & Me' - not a chance.  Someone gave it to me. I hid it behind the bookcase. Even the cover makes me cry

* 'Life of Pi' - STOP TELLING ME THAT I'D LOVE IT, for Christ's sake!

* any of the '50 Shades' things - are you serious? Never. Ever. Ever.

* 'Atonement' (Ian McEwen) - sooooo loathed 'On Chezil Beach' this is now out of the question.  I can hear you, Literati. You & your shocked sharp intake of breath.
* 'Wolf Hall' (Hilary Mantel) - Booker, Smooker. Did consider it but, oh, she was such an arse about that whole Kate Middleton thing, I'm over it.

Examples of  Hyped Books that I have read:

* 'Gone Girl' - clever, page turn(y) yarn. Couldn't put it down. Sucked me in.  Irritating at times.  Frustrating that you simply can say virtually nothing about it to anyone who hasn't read it, but is likely to.
* ' Da Vinci Code' - frankly, easily one of the worst books I have ever read.  Actually put it on the doorstep the second it was over.  Couldn't bear to have it in the house any longer.
     This is one of the few times I kept going.  Should NOT have bothered.
* 'One Day' (David Nicholls) - such terrible, forehead-slappingly appalling drivel.

* the 1st 'Twilight' book - Heavens to Betsy, what WAS I thinking?! And I am pro-vampire!!

* The Cat in The Hat - don't ask. Long story.
       40*ahem* years later, I am prepared to admit I was wrong about him.

Found these beauties at a book sale. 
Tingly book-geeky goosebumps.
'The Children's Treasure House'
edited Arthur Mee, 1926-28
I DO like a recommendation so, go on, please, name me a book.
Just don't tell me it is a 'must you-know-what' ...

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