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Saturday, 25 May 2013

The TeaBitch Wars rage on

In The Corner, a daily battle ensues. 

The prize, who is NOT going to be tonight's TeaBitch.

The strife commences almost as soon as We have settled on the sofa (our current televisual mission is Season 3 of Walking Dead, see yesterday's post).

Picture it:
The Grub is in bed. 
Supper is done. 
Dogs have settled to wherever they are likely to be for the rest of the evening.
The choc biccies are starting their evening whisper to remind us of where they are. (We know, biccies.  We know!)

Now, it turns out that, during daylight hours, I am happy to make any number of brews but, y'know, it feels a real bind, once I've got my proverbial wedged into The Spot on Sofa.

Tonight, I made an unprecedented move.

I offered to make a cuppa AS SOON AS we finished supper.  Kid is still up. Dinner things still on table. And, AND,....... and this is the genius stroke, I DON"T EVEN WANT A CUP OF TEA NOW!

Offer was accepted.

The Plan is that having accepted, this cup of tea, I am now off the hook for the rest of the night soooooooooo .......... when I DO want one (which will be in about 90 minutes) it will be HIS turn.

Poor Trousers.  He don't stand a chance.

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