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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A New Headbanger in Town - a rant

Perhaps the Title is a touch misleading.

This is, what I hope to be, the first of the 'Things that Make You Bang Your Head (repeatedly) on The Table' series.

But, that doesn't exactly trip off the tongue so 'HeadBanger' it shall be.


So, today, whilst driving the Kid to school I hear, on the radio, that a Kardashian (I neither know nor care which one. In fact, I already feel sullied by even knowing how to spell it) is in town.

For those of you who don't know who (or what) a Kardashian is, I am proud of you.

I am not even put a link here, cos I don't what you to find out.  Trust me, you will be the better for polluting your head with that tripe.

If, you, like me, know who they are, kinda, by accident or media osmosis - then, well, what to do? These things happen.

But, if .................. IF ......................, you are one of those that:
* think they are just FABULOUS,
* give a flying toss (this is not the word I would chose to use here, but my parents read my blog so, 'toss' it will have to be) who they are married to / not married to anymore
* remotely interested in whatever bollocks thing they have to say about bollocksing anything
or even,
* like looking at them (I prefer to avert my gaze from such pointless vacuous-ness)

..... then, you should leave, leave now.

Go on.  Out you go.
This place is not for you.


People like these and those that elevate them to so-called Celebrity Status, make me despair for the world.

They contribute NOTHING.

They do NOTHING.

The World is not better for their presence.

NO, it really isn't.

Not unless you think that,
skintight or see-thru Anythings, 
the eternal quest for huge hair, shiny faces & pumped up lips (& the rest), or 
flashing your Taataas in a frankly, heartbreakingly pitiful music video for an even more pitiful Goodness Aren't I Controversial 'song' 

could be the answer to even an ickle bit of the issues facing the World Today.

I despair.

I do.

(uh oh, I am picking up steam now)

THESE are the kind of people that seem to dominate our headlines?

That people (some people) talk about, queue & jostle to get a glimpse of at some event or other and WORSE, that people (some people) ... *gulp* .... aspire to.

If I had a daughter, I would be out of my mind with worry that these are the sorts of celebrities they may feel under pressure to emulate.

Obviously, everyone values different things to different levels of importance.

And, I am ok with that.

But, oh, come ON.  Them?


In case you were wondering, the people I personally aspire to & respect hugely are:

*    those with Wit & use it creatively & positively,
*    those that Help those that need helping - doesn't matter Who, How or Where.  The ones that give.
*   the Creative - the ones that make actually make stuff (music, pictures, words, buildings, environments) that educate or help people FEEL something (good or bad, but tapping into a human emotion).

That kind of thing.

Of course, not everyone can have a real Feed The Soul sort of job.  It isn't even about the job you choose, or have no choice over.  You can, in my opinion, do any of those things regardless of what you are doing to pay the bills.

It is about the sort of person you choose to be!!  

Imagine having the amount of cash & publicity available that those OTHER kind of people have and not use it for anything other than promoting their newest perfume or whatever latest self-indulgent claptrap they are blithering on about.


Thank you for that.  Rant over & out.

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  1. I thought the Kardashians were an alien race of baddies in Star Trek!



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