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Monday, 25 November 2013

Hell Mum & Guitaring the Air

These past 7 days I have:

Stabbed myself in the eye, with a stick.  Sniffing hay.

* spent 36 hours approximately 80% blind, thanks to that super-attractive gauze eye patch (with excessive taping)

* I was up for one of those Governor eye patches. But, no.
Stupid girls who stupidly stab themselves in their stupid eye don't get cool patches.

Been the Mother from Hell - with an exceptionally fine performance, just these past 24 hours.
* Lost my shit, over yet ANOTHER un-flushed toilet full of the same (see above).

* AND, very nearly blew Tooth Fairy duties. Again.

A fortnight ago is when I DID screw up.
Gave Kid some convoluted cockamaimy story about the amount of stress & pressure in the modern TF's Life but, y'know, bear with her.
She will DEFINITELY be coming.
He just looked at me.
"Yeah, OK, Mummy." Not bothered.

Driven 79 gazillion miles - despite being grounded for 2 days, thanks to the Ugly EyePatch/Being Blind thing (school runs, after-school activities, horse stuff, errands).

6 days - no SmartPhone
Remember Phone Dramas of September?
No Whatsapp.  No email.  No readily available diary (seriously, I cannot be expected to remember all this stuff with just my aging brain, One's hard-drive is not what it used to be)

What did I have, y'say?
why, SMS. That was it. SMS

Felt I was living in a cave, without the technology of a carrier pigeon.

Air guitar'd & rocked out in bar with some of the funnest people we know.

Want to see more Air Guitaring? Click the link
Looked up, thinking to Self, "Whoooah, this place is really going off", only to see that everyone else was sitting nicely, eating supper, chatting amongst friends, playing

pool/darts etc.

For about 5 seconds.
Fortified. By my beverage.
Got back to having all the fun.

It's been a funny ol' week.


  1. I think you could draw with markers on your eye patch to make it look cooler!

  2. Ha! I contemplated doing exactly that but, the bandage kept being changed!!

    Next time I am SO getting a pirate patch - arrrrrrrrrrrr



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