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Monday, 11 November 2013

Highway to Hell, with gusto

The only people who don't sing in the car .............................

..................................... are people not in a car.

(Stay with it, the funny really kicks in around 1.51 mins)


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy!!! I rock it like no-one has ever rocked it.  In my car.

And, I can do all the styles.

In my car.

One minute, Show Tunes ('I Have a Dream' is the latest in-car fav.  One doesn't like to toot One's own horn but ....., at times, I can move mySELF to tears) then, straight segue into a random 80's/90's hit.

The Country scene is not neglected either.  I am sorry to admit, publicly.

Those John Denver & Dr Hook songs. Are in my head. Still.  My parents put them there.

They won't go away. They won't get out of my head.

Thank you, Dubai radio, for the inexhaustible supply of songs that no one has heard for decades, & yet, I seem to have retain every word.

There are times I ponder whether my hard drive is clogged up with the retained lyrics for countless songs which:
a) date me
b) drain me of ANY remaining Cool points I may have once accrued

c) prevent me from retaining any more current, more useful information like 'buy milk' or  The Offside Rule.

But, ladies & gents, I DO perform with gusto.

In my car.

It is not unheard of for me to miss my turning, so heavily invested in my performance, am I.


The key to my successful In-Car Singing career?

Oh, that's easy.

It hinges on NO ONE ELSE being there.


But, in recent times, I am experimenting & going in a different direction.

I have gone from being a solo act to actually, signing on a partner.  I have gone the opposite way from Beyonce. An avant garde move, I feel.

She started her solo career AFTER she was in a group.

Not such a cliched path for me.

Oh no.

And so, on occasion, relinquish my solo status and have become part of a Duo.  Yes.  The Boy now makes In-Car guest appearances.

It isn't always my usual set (y'know Sesame Street covers, that sort of thing) but, gratifyingly, sometimes we meet on mutual musical territory & let me tell you, you haven't lived till you have seen our:

Highway To Hell
(Boy: Air Guitar & vocals,
Roo: Steering Wheel Drums & vocals)

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  1. I LOVE singing in the car! I do it all-air drums, air guitar-I'm a one woman band right here! It helps me de-stress.



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