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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Holiday (Summer) 2013 - Being A One again

And so, I am nearing the end of the Just Me Time phase of the trip.

The Trousers has returned to a Ramadan(y) Dubai, The Grub is having a blast, building priceless memories with the grandparents in Wales and ....

I am loving the freedom of being a One again. For a bit.

Just a bit because, well because, I miss being a One of Three.

Honestly, I am revelling in being the master of my own destiny, not constantly having to think 3 steps ahead - relating to the Entertainment Of, Nutritional Needs Of or Appropriate Clothing Requirements Of, anyone other than myself.

It goes like this:
Bugger, I only brought one pair of jeans.  Idiot.
Ah well, I'll manage.
I, I...I am mildly inconvenienced but I am not a bad mother.

See how it works?  I am inconvenienced but I am free of guilt.

I am able to keep irregular eating habits - don't worry about breakfast, I can tough it out till we get to the Greasy Spoon.  Where, why yes, I WILL have chips for breakfast!

oh, pfffft, stop judging me, this is the Just About Me Time, remember?

A few days of misbehaviour (with regards to nutritional intake or liquids inbibed) will be negated by uninterrupted sleep (whooooo-hooooooooo there's nothing snoring next to me) and a few well-timed glasses of water, bananas & apples.

Being a One again, for a while, is good.

Once the noise and distractions of Everyday Life subsides it is good to know that your Original One is still there & can function.

But, on balance, I very much miss The Chosen One, who I told "whilst there are times that I wish you would go away, I prefer wishing you were going away when you
a) aren't &
b) are right there"

Beautiful, eh?  Romantic, I thought.

Admit it, I've moved you.  You are moved.

And as for the NotVery Little One, I miss the chatterings, I miss the  best cuddles the world has ever known, I miss M'Boy's smile and his neverending UpForAnythingness.

Being A One, for a while, IS fun, but I think it is more important than that.
I feel it helps One be a Better One of Three.

And in my world, Three IS the magic number.

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