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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Holiday (Summer) 2013 - A new high?

Well now, here's a thing I never thought I'd say.

Earlier today I was gripped, GRIPPED I tell you, for TWO hours, by  ...... wait for it ....... oh, what could it be, what could it be?? ........ Fish'O'Mania XX.  On TV.

This, I suspect, is a new high (or, conceivably, low) for my abililty to watch sport.  On the TV.

From what I gather, the top 16 anglers of the country come together for this & fish for 5 hours. Fish'O'Mania 2013

Jamie Hughes, Jamie's Fishing Tuition & Coaching, won it hands down, having caught a total of 61 kg worth of fish. 2nd place caught half that, with just 32 kg.

Those are the stats.

It was televised on SkySports 3HD, complete with pundits, wearing Sky Sports polo shirts in a studio, saying knowledgeable things like "yeah, I'd say that was a 4 kilo fish".

Whilst analysing how Jamie was able to achieve such an impressive score (would it be a score? maybe it should be 'catch'. I think I might write to Head of the Fishing People and suggest 'big net'), they came up with .......

"Well, he's been catching fish all day long".


The only way, they said, that anyone could hope to catch him would be to follow this bit of advice:

"someone needs to start catching some big fish".


Could you, Fishing Pundit Bloke on the telly, make it a bit simpler? Kindly, he did.

"One of them needs to try to catch a big fish."

Well, alrighty then - got it.

Hardly the strategic, technical, maverick gamble of, oh, I don't know ........ let's say, Warren Gatland's final Lions Test Line-up, though, eh?

I shouldn't mock.  I'm not really.  I too am involved in a sport that has limited general public appeal & is open to much eye-rolling & more than it's fair share "how hard can it be?" and "pfffft, that's not even a sport".

And, just as a matter of interest, where was everyone else?

Why, they were all out watching the Red Arrows doing the most amazing display (do they do any other kind?), over a gloriously warm & sunny Swansea Bay at the 2013 Swansea Air Show.

I don't do air shows.

Since seeing 2 crashes in 2 days at Biggin Hill Air Show donkeys ago, I have a 'thing' about watching air shows so I scuttled home to, as it turned out, watch fishing.

Funny old day.

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