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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Holiday (summer) 2013 - hug a what now?

It has been 2 years since i was last here in the UK.

In many ways, I am very at home here.

For goodness sake, I lived, laughed & loved through 4 fabulous Uni years here, I found my dream job (eventually), made life-long friends & Trousers & I made our first home together here so HOW could I not love the place?

Further, it is an actual & emotional/cultural breath of fresh air.

We've only been here 36 hours & I think we are all revelling in a climate that doesn't feel like it wants to kill us. Or, at least, is NOT constantly seeing just HOW much it can throw at us before we will just give up & go away.

Our lungs & souls are regenerating with every deep breath of fresh, cool, Welsh air (& trips to Tesco.  Dammit, I cannot be the only expat that could spend happy hours in that place????!!!!!).

And the trees. Would you just look at the trees.

Gorgeous, lush green big OLD trees.  Juicy, rich trees.  Rounded, friendly leaves, not spiky, resentful & tense with the effort of staying alive.

These trees have seen some stuff, they were NOT put there last week in the exact prescribed place, having been selected based on size, colour & aesthetic value.

I feel a real sense of history when I look at some these trees & this brings with it a sense of stability & continuity.  Both being features that feel in short supply where we live.

These trees are Jane Austen trees. *I thought about shoehorning a pretentious & clunky quote here but, decided against it*

They are Dickens' trees.

And, if you loiter near one long enough, for sure a knight, complete with damsel, will charge past, on the required flary nostriled steed.

(one of) my holiday missions will be to get my arms around some trees.

I have form when it comes to hugging trees.  Feels good.  Actually, it feels a bit silly, as you approach the Huggee but, go with it.

BLOGGER does not seem to want to let me insert any images today, so, look at picture and you can imagine.

Tree Hugging guidelines

In the meantime, I shall be nourished by cups of tea, live Wimbledon on the telly & looking at the rain giving my wise old trees a drink.

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