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Monday, 15 July 2013

Holiday (Summer) 2013 - She pines for a welly

And still the chuffing sun shines.

All we ever hear, on Sky News, is 'record rainfall' this, 'hailstones the size of armadillos' that, 'worst snowfall since Time began (watch out for your dinosaurs)', blah blah blah.

I'll be honest with you, I've seen little evidence of unseasonable flood, fire or pestilence* we have been led to believe has been going on in this country.
Putting a brave face on all this sunshine

*unless you count those hordes of horse flies that hounded us today, without, I might add, the benefit of being anywhere near any actual horses.  Bunch of arse.

The Kid has been fully kitted out with wellies & raincoat & yet, there is nary a cloud in the sky.  Not a dicky-bird.

I just DO not know what all these Brits have been moaning about.

My Ugg boots, still in my suitcase, mock me.

So does my husband. A rare chance for him to enjoy an "I told you so".  I'll let him have this one.

I had hoped for some soul-enriching moody weather.  Squelchy squelchs in some woods.  Cosy coffees (maybe a cream tea??) in gorgeous coffee shops, looking out at stormy seas, grey clouds skittery across the sky, that kind of thing.

Instead I am expected to endure the sight of vast swathes of wobbling, squidgy pink & white striped flesh on stranded on beaches, lolling on every bit of flat grass available.

Since we arrived in the UK 2 weeks ago it has been sodding well all clear blue skies, arsing glorious sunshine and jolly happy tweety-birds.

I want to ditch the Havianas.  My soul yearns for a welly.

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