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Saturday, 1 June 2013

May 2013 was the month when ...

* We, as a family, got charged at by a rhino, twice.  EXCITING :)

* The Kid went up a level in swimming ability AND reading levels.
* Also, He turned 6, had his first birthday party AND lost his 1st tooth.  Yup, same day.

* The Tooth Fairy visited us for the first time. See above.
  Turns out Chick possess underwater-diving apparatus & can, with ease, retrieve teeth lost 'in action'.  What a gal. Think Lara Croft with wings, & a snorkel.

* Myself & Horse tried our 1st half pass. Yeah, well .... this goes into the Work in Progress column ...)

* A sleepover happened (Never seen 'Tired But Happy' quite like it)

* I agreed to a mid-week Girls' Night (Unheard of. Certainly not this Century. Maybe earlier this Century but not recently. Anyway, you get the picture)

* The Great Dane peed on the carpet 6 times.

* The same Dane & Cat reached a new level in their relationship.

* Read & finished Gone Girl (10 days)

* I learnt some Hindi (please forgive phonetic spelling!)
     "Ram, ram. Kesa heh" Hi there, how are you?
     "Ram, ram. Kesa heh, mera dost" Hi there. How are you, my friend?
     "Mera choti betti" My beautiful daughter
     "Boudha cha" Very good
     "Shukria" thank you
The grooms (many from Rajasthan) at the yard dissolve at my attempts but I'm really enjoying learning.  I told them they must try to teach me to sound like a proper Hindi Lady.

* Trousers ALMOST went to HK to watch the 1st Lions game.  But, Duty called & instead, we will watch at home together :)


* oh. Yeah, and I decided to give the blogging thing another go.  Can't say I am particularly pleased with anything I have done so far but, I AM enjoying the process.
Might stick it out a bit longer.

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