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Monday, 10 June 2013

UnReasonable Woman - dolphins & puppies

Don't be fooled.

I am not the mild-mannered easy-going tree-hugging Tree-Hugger you might have thought I was.

There are a few, just a few, things that will transform me into  .......

Angry & Unreasonable Woman.
(imagine The Hulk, with cankles & better hair)

"What are they?", I hear you cry, in unison.  "We need to know".

How lovely of you to ask.


Swimming with dolphins.
Dolphins in captivity.

All of them.

Some have been born there, some need to be there as they are unable to be released but the VAST majority are WILD-CAUGHT, people.

AND most are kept in woefully inappropriate conditions for their astonishing mental abilities & requirements.

Don't kid yourself, numbnuts, a glitzy swimming pool is NOT what makes a dolphin smile.

Dolphins in Captivity - BornFree Foundation (please, at least, read pages 3 & 4 of this)

Swimming with Dolphins - BornFree Foundation

The very thing that makes us so drawn to them is the very reason as to why we shouldn't treat them in this way.

It is true many wild animals are kept in captivity - also in desperately inadequate, torturous conditions.  None of it is ok.
(sadly, in a professional capacity we have seen more kept poorly than well)

Facilities that keep wild animals in captivity (well, facilities of professional, moral note anyway) make Enclosure Design, Enrichment Programmes & the animals' living arrangements a priority to best to mimic natural living.

ie Cheetah Conservation Fund (the Founder of whom I recently had the privilege of meeting in person recently, does this is the most staggeringly proactive, effective way)

Pet Shops & Online Mail Ordering of Puppies

I'll keep this brief as I've worn myself out with the aggravation over the dolphins.

Two words.

Puppy. Farm.

Have google & decide whether that is something you want to get behind, 'cos that is what you are doing if you get a pup from either of those places.

In fact, I'll make it easy for you   Type 'puppy farm' into Google - this is what you get

NO decent breeder would sell any of their pups to an unknown fate.  They won't do it in the same country so, think about it. 
Packaging their 'product' off overseas?? Oh, for crying out loud.

What do YOU think their motivation is?


Annnnnnnnnnnd .......... breathe..............

I do want to end on a positive note so,

if you want to get a pup, here are some useful things to read:

(a small apology for the vehemence of this post but, my colleagues & myself see, first hand, alllllll toooooo often, the fall-out from the above 'industries' - sometimes, the steam has to find its way out.  Somehow)

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