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Friday, 7 June 2013

Greetings from the Future

Interesting phenomenon this - every watch (digital or ....... whatever-you-call-not-digital) I've ever had, gains time.

Currently I am running at 20 minutes fast.

Mate (or we can go with 'Dude' for those across the water), I am, like, IN THE FUTURE!!

By 20 minutes.


Not sure when it crept up on me but, it appears that I have developed the eensiest whiff of an OCD thing.

I have, largely, taken myself in hand &, folks, please be assured that the whole New Newspaper/Magazine thing is over now.

More or less.  But, listen, that's another story.  Should you be desperate to know more....... Here. But remember, you asked!.

This Time Travel thing, though, is brilliant.

Whenever I think I am late, I'm not!
In fact, even better, I've got time to spare.
It deliciously liberating.

Hate being late.
Hate it.

NOW, I am revoltingly, sanctimoniously early.
Glowing with the (misleading) aura of efficiency & organisation that, on the surface, seems to accompany excellent time-keepery

My system puts me ahead of the rest of you lot by a whole 20 minutes.  It is joke in our house that everywhere in Dubai is 20 minutes away from wherever you are. 

This, then, puts me at my destination before I've even left.  Y'get me?

Oh, & in case you were wondering, I can report that the Future is reassuringly, same-same-not-much-different.

Except for that annoying Smug Girl sitting in the car, waiting for everyone else to arrive. 

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