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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Spontaneous Reading Moments (SRM)

You do what you gotta do & I have to grab my Reading Moments wherever I can.

Wow, how I relish the idea of an entire day(s) filled with nothing but the chance to sit & read.  BTW, just so's you know, this magical scenario will also have unlimited cups of tea and........ chips.  Deep-fried slices of potato.  Guilt-free, no judgement chips.

The above would make for a deliriously happy Roo.

However, until that particular level of Nirvana becomes available to me, I need to get my reading fix whenever opportunity presents.

Step 1 of Scratching the Booky Itch is: the book.

Gotta have a book.  With you. Clearly.

It's no good if your book lives solely by the bed/loo/wherever.


You never know when the chance will turn up.  The Moments pop out at you, unannounced. And, listen up soldier, YOU NEED TO BE READY.

There may be a Moment  waiting at the petrol pump. It may make itself known in a bank queue.  Perhaps you have arrived at a meeting early (see my post Greetings from The Future)?  Not to worry cos guess who is early too??

Yup, your little booky-friend.

Your wordy-pal may be in electronic form (yes, I have a Kindle) or 'analogue' (cover, front & back with paper & ink in between. The preferred option, for your information). 


Point is that one, or the other, is usually within reaching distance.  Always, in fact.  In my bag.
Have a look if you don't believe me. 
Can't leave home without one.
A Moment will turn up, GUARANTEED, if not.

And, there is NOTHING so torturous as the very worst unscratched itch, the *shudder* wasted Reading Moment.

By torchlight
And so, I shall share my SRMs - some will be tiresomely predictable (bedtime, waiting outside school etc) but I am hoping to record some more interesting ones as we go along.

Wednesday's school pick up

Where do you grab your SRMs?

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